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Squirell 2

The Paranoid Squirrel

Rock Show

Saturdays 7pm

with Armitage

Urban Fire

with Jay Fresh

Mondays 7pm

The Rock of Ages

Radio Show

Saturday 2-5pm

with Lucas Campbell

The Beatles & Beyond

Sundays 12noon

with Pete Dicks

Brit Rock

Sundays 7pm

with Dominic Forbes

Dark Side Of The Moon

Sundays 5pm

with Gary Jackson.

Sunday Selection

Sundays 9am

with John Haynes

On The Weekend

Sundays 7am & 10pm

with Mike Marwick

It's The Blues Show

with Bob & Norm

Sunday 2pm

Power Anthems 8pm Green room 2

Power Anthems

Tuesdays 8pm

With Paul Baker

The Green Room

Saturdays 6pm

With JB

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Streets of Rock n Roll

Saturdays 9pm

with Ron Keel

Radio Screamer

Mondays 8pm

with Dave Castagno

Rock Of All Ages Radio Show RADIOSCREAMER 8pm Mondays

The Rock of Ages

Radio Show

2pm Saturdays

with Lucas Campbell

Rock & Roll Saturday

Saturdays 10am

with Mike Marwick

Wall Logo Rock Gasms Final


Mondays 9pm

with Jenn Mitchell

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